Stylish Storage

A  beautiful bespoke storage unit that can easily be made in different dimensions depending on what is was going to be used for.  Can be adapted to include drawers or more cupboard doors.

The Solid oak doors makes it extra special and definitely not something you will find on the high street.

A useful addition to any room.



Plywood can be the answer…

Looking for a bespoke piece of furniture to fit an awkward space…. Plywood can be used to create cost effective solutions that look much better, and last longer, than the flat packed variety!

Please get in touch to discuss any requirements that you have.

The versatility of plywood


Plywood allows us to create bespoke furniture, kitchens, storage and other joinery projects at an affordable price.

From kitchens to bathrooms, bedrooms to playrooms, freestanding or fitted, plywood is a durable and sustainable material that can be adapted to create a design custom-made for any room in the home or office.

We primarily work with birch plywood that has been finished with a clear oil, however, depending on the project other types of plywood and finishes can be used.   Oak or walnut veneered plywood can be used to provide different textures within a piece of furniture.

Painting surfaces such as drawers and cupboard doors introduces an element of colour to a piece of furniture, something that you wouldn’t normally do when using solid wood.

Combining plywood and solid wood brings together the best of both materials, the clean line of plywood and natural edge solid wood work together to create something totally unique.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you have, we would be delighted to work with you to make your ideas a reality.

Customer testimonial

We recently made a number of items for a customer near Belfast and arranged for the furniture to be transported over. The pictures were taken prior to shipping. Here is what the customer had to say.

“I just received the furniture that Stuart Clachan made for me and each piece is stunning.  It far exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank him enough.  From the moment I spoke to him, it was obvious how much he loved his job, working with wood.  He regularly gave me updates and suggested slight changes – and now you can see the end results.  Unique, beautiful pieces of furniture.”

We can make and ship to anywhere within the UK, or abroad if necessary.