Kitchen Cabinet

We seem to be making odd sized cabinets as additions to existing kitchens more frequently. This one is going to be part of an island which also houses pipework for central heating. The lower back panels have been designed for easy access to pipework. If you have an odd sized gap in your kitchen that could be used for storage or are looking for a statement piece then please give us a call.

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Windblown office desk in Elm

Here is a desk in the form of a tree being bent and blown by the wind; made using a combination of metal and burr elm.

The amazing metalwork was created by Tony Morrell of Morrell’s forge in Maidens, South Ayrshire (Scotland). Here is a link to Tony’s facebook page ‘Click Here’ where other examples of his work can be seen.

The burr elm was supplied and finished by Clachan Wood.

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Church pulpit balustrade

You wait for ages and then two stair projects come along at once…

The balustrade shown here was made from reclaimed pitch pine, making use of existing materials and using something that is close in age to the existing woodwork. The church itself is an ‘A’ rated listed building. As the wood ages it will darken to suit the existing pulpit.

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