Building the Salty Rocket

This article was published a few months ago in a wood trade magazine giving a quick overview on the design and making of a rowing skiff here at the workshop. It is the first piece of furniture that I have rowed.

The article can be found on page 24 of the link below.

Below are some images of the skiff.
Maiden voyage at Loch Tummel, Scotland

Workshop Visit from the U3A Ayrshire

The U3A Tree Group visited the workshop last Monday to see how we convert the trees we buy from local estates into usable timber for making furniture.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are not in fact a cult and are actually a nice group of retired and semi-retired people who have an interest in learning about trees. As it is winter they thought that rather than spending a morning in a cold forest they would visit my cold workshop.

We covered the process from buying timber to milling, stacking, drying and then further into converting the raw planks into usable sections that can be sensibly lifted and are closer to a finished size.

u3a visit-2
Timber being air dried in shed.

u3a visit-3
              A rather heavy piece of oak that has been ripped down it’s length.                                                          

We followed the process onto machining and further drying so that the timber is as prepared as possible to be made into a piece of furniture. We didn’t get into the technicalities of actual furniture making but we discussed what to look for in a dry piece of timber in terms of defects, straightness and twist and how to work with the wood you have.

u3a visit-4
Bendy oak….

It was a fairly comprehensive chat and as far as I know everyone was interested in the process and possibly surprised at how long it takes to turn a tree into a usable piece of timber.

Thanks to everyone who came along and listening to my chat about wood. If you are interested in a workshop visit then get in touch.


Stylish Storage

A  beautiful bespoke storage unit that can easily be made in different dimensions depending on what is was going to be used for.  Can be adapted to include drawers or more cupboard doors.

The Solid oak doors makes it extra special and definitely not something you will find on the high street.

A useful addition to any room.


Customer testimonial

We recently made a number of items for a customer near Belfast and arranged for the furniture to be transported over. The pictures were taken prior to shipping. Here is what the customer had to say.

“I just received the furniture that Stuart Clachan made for me and each piece is stunning.  It far exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank him enough.  From the moment I spoke to him, it was obvious how much he loved his job, working with wood.  He regularly gave me updates and suggested slight changes – and now you can see the end results.  Unique, beautiful pieces of furniture.”

We can make and ship to anywhere within the UK, or abroad if necessary.


Oak kitchen table

An example of why commissioning a piece of furniture could be for you, this oak kitchen table has been made to the customer’s specific measurements and perfectly matches their existing chairs.

Please contact us if you are looking for a piece of furniture to fit a specific space or for something you have always wanted but could never find in a high street store.

Family Height Chart

Wooden height chart that can be used by the whole family!

Can be engraved with a child’s name, family name and/or date of birth.

Perfect if moving house and you want to take your memories with you or for giving as a gift to a grandchild, niece or nephew.

A gift that could become a family heirloom!

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order –